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MTV Best Group Video 2010″

All of Bigeast hello.

“Share The World” of TVXQ is nominated for “The Best Group Video Award Nomination!!”
at the music award ceremony “MTV WORLD STAGE VMAJ 2010”
which will be chosen by the international scale audience vote!

☆ Best Group Video Award Nomination

【Best Group Video】 TVXQ “Share The World”

A vote application period:
From Wednesday, March 31 to Sunday, May 9.

A vote application method:
Please choose one music video which deserve to be your best choice from the five nomination works.
Make an entry in an appropriate manner, select more than 3 branches from all 15 branches and vote.

A Vote Application Point:
MTV Japan website: http://www.mtvjapan.com/vmaj (PC & Mobile Phone)

1,000 sets of 2,000 people are invited to this event! Vote and go watch an Award Ceremony!

[The Event Details]


The date and time:
Saturday, May 29, 2010

A meeting place:
The first Yoyogi, Kunitachi sports stadium gymnasium (2-1-1, Jinnan, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo)

Saturday, May 29 It will be broadcasted live in MTV for from 18:00 to 20:30

【A live broadcasting performance】
BIGBANG, EXILE, Superfly, w-inds, and more… (*ABC order)

【Guest celebrities】
Miho Fukuhara, ICONIQ, JAY’ED, Juliet, Shonan no Kaze, VANNESS and more… (*ABC order)
The invitation number of people:1,000 sets of 2,000 people

I call it: 044-722-6660


The special support:
Sony Ericsson mobile communications Co., Ltd.,
Daiichi Kosho Co., Ltd., Coca-Cola

03/31/2010 Transmission of a message from Bigeast secretariat

Always Keep The Faith!

Source: Bigeast Official Fan Mail + as tagged
Translated by: Junsulv@OneTVXQ.com
Shared by: OneTVXQ.com { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }
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هست كه نامزد انتخاب بهترين ويدئو از گروه ها هستش Share The World  اين خبر در مورد اهنگ


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Uh-oh. MBC may be getting ready to let that axe fall for the third time this year. I’m reading conflicting reports about its soccer drama Heading to the Ground, but it’s not looking good.

KBS’s blockbuster drama IRIS has just premiered with a very strong rating in the 20% ballpark. (Official ratings aren’t out yet, but the preliminary report places it close to 20%. UPDATE: The number was a whopping 24.5%. As it just aired four hours ago, no I haven’t seen it yet, but I plan to.) That means that the poorly performing Heading, which has several weeks still left to go, is now essentially dead, with Iris and You’re Beautiful getting most of the attention.

One report says that Heading will end early and allow Hero, the Lee Junki vehicle, to begin a week earlier than planned, which would give MBC more to work with in the Wednesday-Thursday ratings battle. That would mean that the 20-episode Heading would need to wrap up by its 18th episode instead. However, Star News reports that MBC has “strongly denied” the curtailment rumors. In a phone interview on the 14th, the MBC source said, “Rumors of cutting it early are ridiculous” and that the drama would end as planned.

As you know, MBC cut Tamra the Island and Strike Love, but strongly denied rumors of cutting Friend, Our Legend, which went on to complete its original run. I’ll be keeping an eye out to see which side prevails.

شروع قوي درام ايريس خطري براي پايان سريال با سر به سوي ميدان

گفته شده كه درام ايريس شروع خوبي داشته و آمار بينندگانش در حدود 20 % بوده. البته خود فيلم هنوز شروع نشده بلكه فقط نمايش اوليه اين درام بوده. گفته شده كه ممكن بخوان درام يونو رو بجاي 20 قسمت در 18 قسمت به پايان برسونن.البته خود شبكه ام بي سي اين شايعات رو رد كرده . ولي قبلاً چند سريال رو به اين صورت يعني زودتر از تاريخ موعود به پايان رسوندند.

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On the last October 12th MBC “Heading To The Ground” shooting, Yunho all of sudden got facial spasm and immediately was taken to hospital.

Today on the 15th one of “Heading To The Ground” official meeting with MStar News said, “After now the drama shooting is already finished 70%, seems that his physic finally got effected.”

U-Know Yunho got treatment for a while in hospital, however, on the 13th afternoon he had already return to shooting site, as the official revaled. The cause of his collapse is no other than accumulative effects of having couple of weeks late night shooting, burden to be a lead actor, and many controversies of his acting that has lead him to pile of mental stress.

يونوي جيگرمون در 12 اكتبر بخاطر گرفتگي عضلات و فشار فكري راهي بيمارستان شد.ولي در 13 اكتبر يعني فرداي اون روز دوباره برگشته سر صحنه ي فيلم برداري.الهييييييييي من بميرم براش.مي گن بخاطر حس مسئوليتش و اين كه فيلم برداري به تاخير نيافته سريعاً برگشته.فشار خيلي زيادي روشه براي بازي در درامش و شب و روز داره تلاش مي كنه.علت اصليه اين گرفتگيش براي اينه كه دو هفته هست كه مدام تا دير وقت سر صحنه ي فيلم برداريه.

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Note: This video is subbed by a different uploader from Ep. 1

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Ok, one more thing, you can also watch the GOE;SS subbed version of the show at DramaCrazy. Here is the link:


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